The paradox of wealth accumulation is that the better you do, the more complicated your needs and circumstances become. For families climbing the wealth ladder, nothing short of a comprehensive, well-coordinated financial plan that casts a 360o view on their life ambitions will suffice.

We work with you in five distinct stages to develop and implement a fully integrated, customized financial plan:

We Meet: We want to make sure that our services are in line with your goals. If we are good fit, we proceed to step 2.

Develop Your Vision: It starts with an introspective discovery to uncover your personal values and beliefs, your vision of retirement, your legacy desires, your business ambitions and your hopes for your children. We ask fundamental questions that give us a better understanding of your time horizon and tolerance for risk.

Create Your Plan: Through a deliberate process of inventory, assessment and analysis, we put together an individualized plan that addresses each of your goals, as well as tax-efficient strategies for achieving them.  

Plan Execution: Once you have approved all the aspects of your plan, we walk through the paperwork for implementing it. Then, to ensure you feel comfortable and confident, we can take you step-by- step through your account statements.

Frequent Monitoring: We help you keep track of your progress towards your goals by monitoring your plan and recommending any adjustments that might be necessary to stay on track.

Families of wealth need a fully integrated approach to their life planning that requires a collaborative process incorporating the planning efforts of multiple disciplines into a synergistic plan. Put another way, it requires a team approach championed by an advisor experienced at forging effective, working relationships with advisors in other disciplines.  That’s where Cook & Company comes in.  As your wealth manager and your advocate, we bring your team of advisors together, under one financial plan, for the singular purpose of addressing your unique wealth management requirements.

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