While it is well established that professionals have a great opportunity to earn a high income, we recognize that many must first overcome the challenges of a late career start and higher expenses. For many professionals, these challenges can impact their ability to build wealth over the long term. Then there are the ongoing demands of developing their practice while expanding their body of knowledge, which makes it difficult for many professionals to spend time thinking about their financial future, let alone plan for it.

At no other time has it been so important for professional practitioners to plan for both their personal and business financial needs to be able to apply their resources optimally for a secure financial future. At Cook & Company, we can harness the expertise and resources of multiple planning disciplines to help you develop and implement a fully integrated financial plan customized to your unique circumstances.  Among the strategies we employ for professionals are:

  • Using the tax code to minimize the impact of taxes as much as possible on income and investments, known as tax alpha (the CPAs unfair competitive advantage).
  • Creating customized portfolio strategies based on client-specific risk and return requirements.
  • Employing sound business principles for managing personal cash flow for current and future income needs.
  • Identifying and protecting against financial risks that could impact your ability to build or preserve your wealth.


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